Great Airport Shuttle Ride in New Jersey

Monmouth County New Jersey Limo Service review

Being a west coast guy, I am always thrown by the humor of people in and around New York & New Jersey.  I had a flight into Jersey (am I allowed to call it that?)  last week.  So I managed to get hooked up with an airport car service in Manalapan.

Now, I have to say that I suck at flying.  Not that I’m afraid, not that I don’t like it. But for some reason, I am always totally wiped out after any flight of more than 3 hours.  Last year I had a flight to Phoenix from Reno/Tahoe and due to weather, we circled for two frickin hours and then had to go to Vegas for fuel.  Then, some stupid mechanical issues kept us on the ground for 2 hours extra in Las Vegas.  So, my simple little flight that had an arrival time of 7pm finally arrived in Phoenix at 4am.

I had meetings all that week and spent every spare minute I had doing one thing. Sleeping.

So I tell you all that to get around to this:  When I got out of my plane in Newark, I was in a shitty mood.  But I got into my car and my driver was funny as hell.  First thing, he says “you look like you need to be straight in your hotel room or be chomping on a burger.  I don’t care which.  But you need to choose now”.  All I could think of was getting to the hotel, so that was my choice.  But, past that, the drive was great.  We talked about all kinds of things and he told me Jersey stories that cracked me up.

So, I’m only writing this to give a plug to Monmouth County Limo Service.  If their other drivers are anything like mine was – I would give them all my business every time I hit NJ/NJ area.

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