This is a new site that I put together to review chess sets and other game boards, and game sets not related to game boards.  WTF?  Right?  Let me explain.  I like Bocce Ball too.  And I’ve seen some Bocce Ball sets that were pretty crappy.  So, along with reviewing Chess sets, I intend to review stuff like that too.

Have you ever wanted to buy an expensive chess set and really felt that you were holding back because you could not feel the quality?  Well, we hope that we can feel up that chess set for you!  And we’ll tell you if we liked the way she felt.  If we were excited by the touch, the closeup look, and how she responded to our touch.

So, I hope you enjoy what we throw down here.  And if you have any comments that would help people to lay down buying decisions, I certainly hope that you’ll participate in the reviews.  Wise ass and smarmy comments are not only allowed, but encouraged, and graded!